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We offer various services in digital marketing which include Social Media Marketing & Management, Web Design, App Development, and Animated Video.


Let us help you build trust with animated storytelling. We will write the scripting, provide the voice actors, and create an animated video that can be shared on a variety of social media platforms.


Do you have an idea for an app for your business? Apps are great way to keep your customers engaged with your product or service.


Individuals access the internet with so many different devices than were available just a few years ago. We will help you create a fresh, clean website to provide a wonderful experience for your customers suitable for a variety of different devices.


We manage and market your social media accounts to increase brand awareness. We believe that interacting, engaging, and listening to your current and potential customers is key and has an immense ROI.


At Doukas Media, we believe your business has a story to tell. Our team of experienced marketing professionals will assist you in developing a strategy that successfully communicates your story to the world. Our team will design and create unique content, listen, and engage with your current and potential customers on a variety of social media networks. We provide highly customized social media marketing strategies that will increase your brands presence online, expand your clientele, and ultimately grow your sales. Promoting creative interaction between your company and your current and potential customers is a prominent aspect of our marketing plan.

Rachael Doukas
CEO & Founder

About the Founder

Rachael Doukas graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree in Business and Theatre Arts. She also has an MBA in Innovation and Marketing from Stony Brook University. She has worked in marketing and has previously been a social media marketing manager for several Long Island companies. In August of 2012, she founded Doukas Media.


By Rachael Doukas October 05, 2014

Over the years, social media marketing has transformed in a variety of ways.

Utilizing images in social media campaigns has become very popular and effective. When you are sharing a post as a business on a social media platform it is important to use text, but too much text can become very boring for viewers. Therefore, adding an image that relates to your content can grab the attention of your audience. Some examples of how local businesses on Long Island are using images to capture the attention of their market include:

- Harbourview Shoppes, a Roslyn shopping center, recently shared this image on its Facebook page. The image triggered several emotions and memories from the members of the audience who engaged with this post.

- A 1950s themed cafe located in Melville recently shared a funny photo about a chicken crossing the road. The photo received 17 likes and 11 shares. Obviously, without the humorous text accompanying it, the photo would not have received as many likes or shares, further proving that we are a visually consuming society.

- A classic toy store located in Locust Valley posted text as well as a photo that showcased some of its delicious specialty candy. The image has corresponding text that allows individuals to relate to it.

According to nimble.com, a single image generates 120 percent more engagement than the average post. Images tell a story, and as the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Next time you post on social media, try using an image or some form of visual text. Who knows? In this instance, a picture could be worth a thousand likes.